We care deeply about our planet and our community, and believe all businesses should take every step possible to make a positive difference. We are constantly thinking about and refining how we operate to ensure our practices put what's important first. 


Small Sample Boxes

We've developed our samples box service to have the lightest footprint possible:

  • Small sample pieces show colour and texture, without wasting large pieces of tile or shipping heavy sample pieces around the country.
  • The boxes are designed with no wasted packaging space.
  • We include a return courier label within the box and hope you send the samples back to us, at our cost, so they can be used again.
  • We've ditched the bag, and send your samples to you in a fully recyclable box with recyclable, naturally biodegradable and compostable protective wrapping, made from sustainable forests.
  • We've partnered with NZ Post to deliver our sample boxes nationwide. We are aligned with their values and commitment to delivering parcels in the most sustainable way.

Our Operations

By having an online-only tile business we are able to keep our operational footprint low. We don't have large retail shops to service and you can shop from the comfort of your home rather than driving to a retail shop - saving you time and car emissions.

We actively recycle as much waste as possible, always strive to do better, and record and report upon our waste to ensure we have visibility.


Our Product Sourcing and Packaging

We have curated our range from a handful of trusted suppliers. We have chosen to keep the material in the manufacturer packaging and avoid any unnecessary waste that would be caused by repacking with our branding. 


We're always working on other ways to do better, give back and reduce waste, so watch this space...

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